Court Records Searches

Searching for court records can be a daunting task.  Some of the records can be obtained on line and some have to be retrieved the old fashion way of going to the court house and getting them in person.  If you are an individual or an attorney who wants to save time, we can assist you in finding the document you need in order to help your case.

stk321080rknGarrett Investigations can also search for divorce records as well as arrest records.

Word of Warning:  a nationwide search for a criminal history can only be done by a sworn law enforcement officer and it must be within the scope of their employment at the time of the search.  Asking your friend, who works at the police department, to run a quick check on someone will not only get your friend fired.  He/she will likely be facing criminal charges as well.

Also available, through court record searches, are county, state and federal prison records, sex offender searches, bankruptcy filings, civil filings and restraining orders.shutterstock_110196698

At Garrett Investigations we can search for property such as boats, airplanes, automobiles and land.  With these searches we can find the full description of property including its value of the and where it is located.

Our team will be able to provide to you a notarized or certified copy of any document you need.