Marital Infidelity

If you are an individual or an attorney representing a spouse who suspects or knows that his/her significant other is cheating, please bring this to our attention.  Our team can provide the evidence you need to either confront your other half or use during legal proceedings to get the result you are looking for.

We work with suspecting spouses who have run into tell tail signs that make them question their faithfulness.  These questions can be answered.  If your spouse is spending more time at the office and has less than the normal sex drive, your spouse could be spending more time at the office or they’re cheating.  If your spouse starts acting possessive of the computer and won’t let you near it when he/she is on it, your spouse could be working on some secret project at work or they’re cheating.  If your spouse has a new interest in getting fit and hits the gym more often, he/she could be trying to improve their health or they’re cheating.

There are a number of different clues to a spouse cheating like learned new moves in the bedroom, sudden new updated wardrobe and/or cologne/perfume, etc.  You know your spouse better than anyone and it could be that they have the most honorable intentions, but if your spouse has a mainly 8 to 5 job and suddenly they are working long hours, hasn’t lifted a weight since you were first married and now is in the gym five (5) days a week, has a sudden change in wardrobe, changed his/her cologne, and is really possessive of his/her cell phone and computer, it’s time to take a look.

Word of warning:  All information will be provided to the client the next day after the “spicy” encounter, due to safety reasons.  The last thing our company needs is an incident where one spouse confronts another at the time of the indiscretion.  All sorts of bad stuff can happen and for that reason we put this precaution into place.

For attorneys, we will supply the most accurate information needed in order to encourage your client’s spouse to make an accomodating agreement.  We will provide time accurate photos and video accompanied by a complete report with addresses.  If obtainable, a full description of “the other person” will be provided as well.