Executive Protection

Executive Protection, also known as (aka), Dignitary Protection aka Body Guard is a program offered to Garrett Investigations’ clients.  Our team is well trained in each of the main specialties, such as, Route Examination, Destination Screening, Protective Chauffeuring and Ground Protection.

Route Examination is just that.  The route that the dignitary takes, while under protection, has many potential hazards.  Choke-Points are potentially the most vulnerable area while the dignitary is traveling by vehicle.  At any point, while in travel, that the dignitary’s vehicle is forced to slow down or stop, there is the possibility of a threat.  Choke-Points are always a consideration and are identified ahead of travel and planned escape routes are plotted.

Destination Screening is securing the point where the dignitary is to make a scheduled stop, whether it be for a speaking engagement, entertainment, bedding down, etc.  All exits are mapped out and photographed.  If the destination is a building, a full site survey will be conducted.  If a hostage situation is factored into the equation, all door hinges, door locks and windows will be identified as to make, model and photographed.  Notation as to which way doors swing and windows open is critical to a SWAT or Hostage Rescue Team entry plan.

Protective Chauffeuring and Ground Protection aspects will be well coordinated and communicated to each member of the team.  Our team uses the latest in Motorola technology to transmit coded voice transmissions to avoid any eavesdropping.  In coordinating drop-offs of noted celebrities, extra precautionary measures are implemented though the use of dummy limousines to distract potentially disruptive crowds.

Word of warning:  if the protected person does not mold as part of the protection team in spirit and/or action, he/she will be terminated from the contract immediately.