Investigative Services

Background Checks

A background investigation target range can vary from prospective employees to your daughter’s new boyfriend.  In 1986, when Brian Garrett was fresh to the FBI, he heard of a story where a particular Agent would conduct a complete background investigation on any boyfriend that his daughter got serious with, compliments of the U.S. Government…

Cell Phone & Computer Forensics

Oxford Dictionaries describes the definition of the word “forensic” as follows: Of, relating to, or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime: ‘forensic evidence.’ Abstract Image of Business People’s Silhouettes in a Meeting…

Court Records Searches

Searching for court records can be a daunting task.  Some of the records can be obtained on line and some have to be retrieved the old fashion way of going to the court house and getting them in person.  If you are an individual or an attorney who wants to save time, we can assist you in finding the document you need in order to help your case…

Criminal Investigations

After a prominent criminal trial has come to a close you sometimes see on TV interviews with some of the jurors. You may hear comments come from them, such as, “the defendant did not appear to be truthful while on the witness stand” or “I thought that the police were out to railroad the defendant.”…

Dating Services

Why is the title “Dating Services” included in a Licensed Professional Investigator’s list of expertise?  Good question.  Have you ever heard the names Drew Peterson or Lynn Turner, aka Julia Lynn Womack?…

Executive Protection

Executive Protection, also known as (aka), Dignitary Protection aka Body Guard is a program offered to Garrett Investigations’ clients.  Our team is well trained in each of the main specialties, such as, Route Examination, Destination Screening, Protective Chauffeuring and Ground Protection.


The title of this could be Interview and Interrogations.  Unfortunately, in today’s language, “Interrogation” is a bad word.  In reality, Interrogations are extremely helpful in getting the truth.  To differentiate between the two techniques it’s a parallel to asking your kid “how was your day at school today” vs “so what did you and your buddies do last night.”

Marital Infidelity

If you are an individual or an attorney representing a spouse who suspects or knows that his/her significant other is cheating, please bring this to our attention.  Our team can provide the evidence you need to either confront your other half or use during legal proceedings to get the result you are looking for.

Missing Persons

The title “Missing Persons” covers a wide range of different people.  There are those who are simply not easy to find to those who have purposely fallen off the edge of the earth.  Reasons vary from giving up children for adoption to avoiding service of papers.  The individual situation of each missing person determines what resources are to be used to make the locate.

Site Survey

A site survey is a detailed depiction of a physical place, whether it be a building, set of buildings, road ways or a piece of property for the purposes of intelligence gathering.  For example, the United States Secret Service would conduct a Site Survey of a building in preparation for the President to make a speech there.  All entrances/exits are photographed and noted as to which way the door swings as well as the make, model and if possible the number encoded on the lock mechanism.

Social Media Profiling

Social Media Profiling is probably the most underrated tool a Licensed Professional Investigator uses, but probably, in most cases, the first one that is reached for.  It is surprising how much a person is willing to post on their Facebook account and in other areas of their life, are very secretive.  People like to brag about themselves.  In some cases you will see a person standing in front of one of their new toys.


Surveillance can be used for a number of case pursuits.  It can be employed for a criminal as well as a civil case.  An example of a criminal case would be a situation where a company is losing inventory through shrinkage.  Our services can be employed to watch a loading dock after hours in order to catch employee theft.  A civil investigation example would be a health insurance fraud.  In this situation, the subject would be watched and videotaped involved in activities restricted by his claimed injury.