Missing Persons

The title “Missing Persons” covers a wide range of different people.  There are those who are simply not easy to find to those who have purposely fallen off the edge of the earth.  Reasons vary from giving up children for adoption to avoiding service of papers.  The individual situation of each missing person determines what resources are to be used to make the locate.

At Garrett Investigations we have at our disposal specific websites available to only accredited Professional Investigators.  From there begins our journey to locate the individual sought after.  When working with the FBI, one of Agent Garrett’s responsibilities was to locate, handcuff and put in jail those individuals who were classified as Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution (UFAP).  Now, as a Licensed Professional Investigator, the reason is usually because the “wanted” person has committed some civil violation and is hiding from his/her responsibilities.

Birth Certificate

Other reasons to find someone can be for personal reasons, such as locating a long lost friend or relative.  Some reasons could be for the purpose of locating the recipient so that items or cash can be distributed as a result of a will.  Other, more difficult circumstances, include a family member who has lost touch with society and has either become homeless or, in extreme circumstances, have joined a cult or some off the wall organizations such as ISIS.

Word of Warning:  If your friend or family member has joined a group that has illegal implications, law enforcement will be notified.  This is to protect everybody involved.

In cases where you have one person pursuing another, the pursued will be notified that someone is looking for them.  We then ask for permission for reuniting.  If the sought after person refuses, that information will be relayed to our client.  The privacy of the sought after person will be respected.