Brian Garrett

Current employment: President, Garrett Investigations, LLC

Previous employment: Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Length of Service: 27 years (1986 – 2013)

Most recent position: Mobile Surveillance Team – Armed (MST-A) Ground

Prior positions/specialties with the FBI:

  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Operator
  • Evidence Response Team (ERT) Operator
  • Tactical and Evasive Vehicle Operations Center (TEVOC) Instructor
  • Certified FBI Police Instructor
  • Field Intelligence Group (FIG) Watch Commander
  • Violent Crimes/Major Offender (VCMO) Investigative Agent
  • Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Investigative Agent
  • Olympic Squad (1996 Olympic Games) Logistics Coordinator
  • Atlanta Israeli Consulate Liaison
  • Case Agent 1995 World Series
  • Case Agent 1994 Super Bowl
  • Certified Fingerprint Examiner
  • Accounting Technician

Special accommodations/performances:

  • Recipient of the U.S. Vice President’s Hammer Award for assistance in designing security measures at Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport
  • Five (5) time recipient of the FBI Director’s Award for Exceptional Performance of Duties
  • Led Buffalo Division FBI two (2) years straight for most statistical accomplishments
  • Case Agent of the largest bank fraud investigation successfully prosecuted in the history of the Western District of New York : , circa 1992
  • Performance in preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games
  • Performance in duties associated with joint investigation with the CIA (Operation classified)
  • Originator of the FBI Bridging the Gap (program designed to connect immigrants and refugees from Islamic countries with local, state and federal law enforcement)
  • First Atlanta Division representative to be awarded two (2) week training session with the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Assisted in the conviction of former White House aide Lynn Nofsinger through the Wedtech Independent Counsel

Education: BS Business Accounting, University of South Carolina, 1983                                                                                    BS Business Management, University of South Carolina, 1979