Social Media Profiling

Social Media Profiling is probably the most underrated tool a Licensed Professional Investigator uses, but probably, in most cases, the first one that is reached for.  It is surprising how much a person is willing to post on their Facebook account and in other areas of their life, are very secretive.  People like to brag about themselves.  In some cases you will see a person standing in front of one of their new toys.  Once in a while you will see someone and they have positioned all of their toys in front of

their house and they are standing in front of them to say “Hey, look at what I have.”

There are numerous social media sites.  Everyone is familiar with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but there are many more.  There is Kik Messenger, ooVoo, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tumblr, Burn Note, etc.  You get the idea.  There are a lot of different types of messaging services that are used by people.  Some are age specific, but since it is exactly that, it can be a haven for child predators.

Garrett Investigations uses these media sites to primarily locate someone, but they can also be used to locate hidden assets, identify infidelity and background checks.  So many people are oblivious as to how social media will follow them from one job interview to the next.  You will be able to find out how much a person drinks over the weekend, how much they hate their bosses and the friends they hang out with.  In our home, my wife and I conduct a complete check of our 19 year old’s friends, just by checking social media.  If we don’t like what we see, we address the situation.

If you are looking for a missing person, whether it be a runaway teen or someone you want papers served on, we can assist through the use of social media.  If you want to find out what kind of person your daughter/son is about to jump into a relationship with, this tool is a must.  If you are hiring for an open position, do you think your applicant is going to put down on the application the truth, the whole truth, so help them or are they going to leave out the part about binge drinking on the weekend or the full body tattoo they have on their back of Satan?

Some information is none of your business, by law.  Then again, there is a lot out there, laying right in front of you, ready for you to turn the page.